Full Structural Surveys

PDS can deliver complete CCTV survey packages of underground assets such as drains, sewers, manhole chambers and other inaccessible locations. With the use of our sophisticated CCTV survey equipment PDS can provide its clients with accurate detailed analysis of the underground asset in question.

Intrinsically Safe

PDS uses Proteus CCTV equipment for explosion – fire risk environments, Proteus is an ATEX-rated camera engineered, built and tested for safe use in high risk environments such as zone 1 and 2 public sewers which fall under the ‘Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations” (DSEAR). Water companies therefore require that equipment be intrinsically safe (Ex-rated) to avoid a spark which may ignite substances which have found their way into the network.


Environment Friendly

Our CCTV survey vans are kitted out professionally using batteries and power inverters to power the specialist survey equipment housed in the van. Our newest vans have a solar panel fitted to the roof making them our greenest yet. This ensures noise pollution is at a minimum and communication is at a maximum, which in turn has health and safety benefits, it also means we are being friendly to our environment.


PDS uses Wincan VX software for data analysis of drainage and sewer networks. This is an internationally recognised software, throughout the industry. Wincan makes it easy to efficiently provide our clients with analysis of an asset in a professional and user friendly format. We are also experienced in the use of Infonet, which is a mapping software designed for water authorities.


All of our operatives are OS19X qualified to 5th edition – pipe condition classification.

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