Full Length Lining

Full Length Lining

PDS are able to carry out full length lining on pipes, drains and sewers.

This provides a permanent quality repair in a convenient cost effective way, allowing work to be carried out with minimal disruption and inconvenience to the customer.

Using our CCTV equipment we can locate any problem areas within a drainage system and then advise on the best solution to provide a permanent remedy ensuring the full structural condition of the pipe is restored.

How does it work?

A resin impregnated felt is pulled into place and inflated using either water or air. 

Upon curing, the inversion tube is withdrawn and this creates a pipe within a pipe. If there are any incoming lines these can be exposed using a mechanical cutter.

Benefits of Full Length Lining

  • No dig technology 
  • Can be cheaper than excavating 
  • Less disruption 
  • Faster than excavating 
  • No long lasting scars on the surface 
  • Health and safety benefits

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