Quick-Lock Patch Repairs

Quick-Lock Patch Repairs

Installing quick-lock repairs is straight forward compared to resin patches. The concept is similar with the use of the packer system but, with not having to measure and cut fibre glass or mix resins, it makes the procedure less messy and quicker installations can be achieved with the added bonus of zero curing time.

To install the quick-lock patch,  the patch is attached to the packer which is then also attached to the crawler so the packer can be positioned into place.

Once the packer is positioned into place, the packer is then inflated opening the locks and patch up to the pipe diameter. 

Once inflated to the desired pressure/size, the packer is then deflated and removed from the pipe, leaving the quick-lock patch in place and sealing off the defect.

Approved Installers

If you require a quick-lock repair, we have approved installers. Please contact 0330 113 1585 for further information.

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